Roaring Autobiography

This trip I’ve brought along Lion by Saroo Brierley.  It’s original title was A Long Way Home: A Memoir and it has been made into a movie, also called Lion.  I missed the movie at the theatre and will eventually watch it based on what I’ve read in the book so far but I’m glad I’m reading the book first.

This is the story of Saroo, who at the age of 5, got on a train by himself trying to find his brother and got totally lost.  With no schooling and little language, he had to rely on his wits to survive on the streets of what was then called Calcutta among homeless people, other starving kids, and human predators.  By good fortune, he eventually lands in an orphanage and is placed with an Australian family who love and care for him, and help him find his way back to his family 25 years later.

Saroo’s Reunion with his Family

It’s a moving story, very descriptive, and full of adventure.  I think the title change was a very positive move but while I like the cover picture, it is not Saroo and apparently, the original publication had a different photo that was a picture of Saroo when he first arrived in Australia to meet his new parents.  I’m almost half way through and am enjoying it very much.  You should check it out.