Cottage Waterfront Grill

Whether you live in Muskoka cottage country, rent a place on occasion, or are just passing through, a great spot to eat in Huntsville is The Cottage Waterfront Grill.  You can walk over, drive down, or dock your boat at their wharf.

Serene Setting

Serene Setting

Right next door is the rather upscale Blackburn’s Steakhouse but I chose the laid-back atmosphere of the waterfront dock.  Able to seat 200 people, there were only 2 tables empty while I was there and no wonder.  Everyone was enjoying the live entertainment, tonight, the soothing folk music of Tobin Spring.  Tobin is a versatile entertainer who sings with Laganza and you can check out their website to see where you can catch them throughout the summer in Muskoka.

But, back to the food.  I was fortunate to have Clayton as my server.  He interpreted the various specials for me and found my favourite wine, Pinot Grigio.  For the entrée, I chose the tilapia filet with a mango & tomato salsa, rice, and roasted vegetables.  It was great!  The white fish was very light and tasty, the veg roasted to perfection. The rice was a combination of two or three kinds of rice that blended beautifully.

tilapia with mango and tomato salsa.

tilapia with mango and tomato salsa.

The meal was satisfying and yet so light that I broke one of my cardinal rules and had a dessert.  I’ve never had funnel cake before and this one came with mini-marshmallows, chocolate sauce and ice cream.  They call it Dessert Poutine!  Wow!

Dessert Poutine!

Dessert Poutine!

Everything was perfect including the weather and the view.  I hated to leave but that’s the way it is when you’re eating on the road!

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