Admiral Inn, Hamilton

Admiral'sInn00Sunday Dad & I went to the Admiral Inn in Hamilton for brunch.  This inn is situated right across from Dundurn Castle on Hamilton Harbour, an old and famous landmark in Hamilton.  I have fond memories of visiting the castle with my school class way back when I was in elementary school.  When we went, there were peacocks and pheasants kept on the grounds and the tour was really neat.

The Admiral’s Inn has a nice dinning room/coffee shop and every table has a great view of the castle and grounds.  Dad had lunch: BLT with fries and coffee.  I ordered the French Toast with a blueberry topping.  There was plenty of food, it arrived hot, the service was very good, and the food was delicious.  It was quite busy and the PGA tournament was on a screen that was visible from any location.

Admiral'sInn02If you’re visiting Hamilton, you could head across to Dundurn Castle after you’ve eaten and take a tour of the castle, walk along the harbour trail, or just sit and watch the water before you head back on the road!

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