Eating on the Road

While I’m on the road, I’m going to be trying different restaurants, cafés and road houses along the way and taking pictures of the ones where I like the food and the atmosphere.  I have a board on Pinterest for the pictures and hope to have quite a collection by the time I get back.

I might as well start with places here in Ottawa that I like so that if you’re on the road you will know what awaits you.  Saturday night I was at one of my favourite local places in Ottawa south, Mr. B’s March House.  It’s a fairly cozy place in a small strip mall off Bank Street with some intimate booths and a rather nice wine list.  It’s best to have a reservation since, on the weekend, a table is no sooner vacated than it is reset and the next group is seated.

I highly recommend the broiled salmon.  You can have it with potatoes but the rice is lovely and the vegetables are broiled to perfection.  I have the white wine whether I’m having fish or not.  This time I had the Pinot Grigio from Italy.  Oh, yes, and their dinner rolls are fresh from the oven.  *****


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