Off Again: Day 15

Started the day with the breakfast buffet here at the hotel. Delicious. Especially that little piece of coffee cake that was incredibly fresh and light. Going to be another scorcher today.

Weather photo

I decided to go to see a little church that the guide book describes as being even prettier than Queen of the Angels church I saw yesterday.  It is on a side street off el Conde at the Independence Park end (west) rather than the Parque Colon end where I usually go. It’s called Iglesia del Carmen.

As I approached the fortifications around the park, I realized there was some kind of another parade forming. There were many people very dressed up carrying paper flags and there was a military band forming up. A huge floral wreath was on a very tall metal stand being carried by two people. (When I was leaving the park I saw a couple more of these floral tributes tucked into a large alcove off the main gate.) This was a media event and all the people followed the wreath bearers up to the building at the end of the mall. There were about 35 busts of patriots and independence fighters, make and female, along the outer edges of the mall and off to the sides, below, you could see more of the old fortifications.

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Anyway, I wouldn’t have seen any of this if I hadn’t overshot the turn off to the church. I walked toward the river and saw more Art Deco buildings before realizing my mistake and turned to work my way back.

The church was closed but I got some good shots of the outside. It is open at 5 and 8 for mass but I don’t like to take photos during a service so didn’t go back.

I was pretty warm by the time I got back to the hotel and had a shower and a rest. I intended to go to the pool but in the end just had a good rest. It was nice and cool in the room with a window open and the drapes closed and as I have a big day tomorrow I think the rest did me good and I won’t have to pack a wet bathing suit.

About 4, I went out in search of the statue artist but couldn’t find him/her.  I went to the usual spot and there was no sign of him.  So I walked up the other way and came across a girl painted and dressed as a clown.  She was walking in the opposite direction so I followed her until I got an opportunity to get a good photo of her.

I did a bit of shopping (last chance) and then some supper at what has become my favourite café, Café La Moricette.  The girls there are really sweet and it’s a totally open café with a section out on the mall where you can people watch while you eat.  I sat there quite a while enjoying my food and then came back to the hotel to work on my blog.

Yesterday I saw some young men working with plants to go in the water at the base of this vertical garden on the outside of a parking garage.  I thought it looked pretty neat.  Further down they have some spider plants in the wall as well.

This will be a quiet evening.  Write a note to the maids (in Spanish), get most of the packing done, watch a bit of TV and read and hopefully get a good night’s sleep.  So this is the last night I’ll be saying to you, Cheers from Santo Domingo!

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