Off Again: Day 14

Weather photo

While I’m certainly enjoying the weather (although a bit humid the last couple of days) and the culture and atmosphere of the Colonial Zone here in Santo Domingo, I feel like I’ve seen just about everything worth seeing and bought everything I wanted to buy and done well with the walking (which gave me trouble when I went to Spain) although my upper legs are a bit stiff today after all those stairs yesterday.  So now I’m content that it’s time to go home. Or at least to where everyone speaks my language.  One more day, then it’s time to pack.  I’ve arranged my taxi to the airport; it will be Carlos who picked me up.

I ate at one of the cafes on the square this morning and gave the waitress a Canada flag pin.  I had a Dominican breakfast which means in addition to scrambled eggs it had mashed green bananas with red onion.  I like the other cafe but this one has the juice included for a nice low price and it’s just as good.  I looked for my friend who is usually set up on the corner of Duarte and el Conde but he wasn’t there this morning.  Later I saw him and he said he’d be setting up soon  I gave him a flag pin and later I saw him wearing it.  He’s a very nice manbrowsed through some stores and went to Eglesia Regina Angelorum (Queen of the Angels Church) at the corner of José Reyes and Padre Billini. It looks rather stark and decaying from the outside but inside it is beautiful. I couldn’t find out where it got it’s name which bothers me because I don’t know how it is connected to the Order of Malta which it surely is. There are Malta crosses carved in wood along the walls at intervals and the first two and a half rows of pews are marked as reserved for the order of Malta. There are crossed worked into the mosaics at the front and through the silver retable. The marble grave of Father Francisco Billini is in front of a very baroque altar and there is a beautiful vaulted arch above the chancel.  I did learn that it took almost a century to build.

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There’s a courtyard to the left of the church where the Billini Hotel has an outdoor bar/restaurant in a lovely shady spot and there’s another little one near the back of the courtyard and an opening to the street behind.

On my travels today, I found a rather pretty little building that is a ceramics museum.  Also, good to know that Art Deco is alive and well in Santo Domingo.

I had a cookie and a Coke at one of my favourite cafes and sat in the shade watching people.  I found my statue man and learned that it was a friend of his yesterday and I’m pretty sure he’s not the original guy either so possibly 3 or more artists are sharing this spot.  Sort of a co-op, I guess.

I worked on my blog in the courtyard again where it was much cooler tonight.  Still a bit frustrating with the Internet and I think some problems are tablet related.  Might be time for a new Air or something.  Will watch a bit of TV maybe. Last night I was lucky to find a Father Brown Mystery in English and, of course, I have my books on the iPad. Tomorrow night I’ll be packing so for now, cheers from the Dominican Republic. 

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