Costa Rica, Day 5

It’s hard to believe it’s already Day 5.  The weather forecast for today was 34 degrees but it got to 36 although the humidex made it 46 degrees.  We went to the church where we distributed shoeboxes on Friday and I’m sure it was even hotter in there.  These small community churches put up a roof of corrugated steel because it’s the cheapest and it lasts the longest.  I’m sure it is also the hottest.

Anyway, when we arrived at the church this morning, the whole congregation was waiting in the doorway to welcome us and applauded us, hugged us, and welcomed us like nothing you can imagine.  The service began with a sing song with an amazing worship leader.  What enthusiasm!  These folks sure know how to praise the Lord!

The sermon was based on the parable of the fig tree and was delivered by our own Carlos.  It was a very powerful message and was translated by our interpreter, Jamie.  Another of our interpreters, Kevin, translated for the song leader and the church pastor.

When we were ready to leave, our bus wouldn’t start again so we had to wait about 15 minutes and then it started for our driver.  In the meantime, we took several group pictures.

We returned to the hotel to change out of our good clothes and have a bit of a rest before heading out for lunch and then on to the next shoebox distribution.  We certainly needed that break due to the heat.  At our next stop, there were about 80 children waiting for us and it was really helpful that they were wearing name tags.  We were meeting at what appeared to be a union hall with a small gravel lot beside it so it was a bit limiting as we disn’t want the children running into the road after balls and frisbees.  There may seem a bit of sameness to the activities in the photos but for the kids, it was new.

The children were very excited, as you can imagine, but were very attentive to the various parts of the program leading up to the actual distribution of the shoeboxes.  That was nothing compared to how excited they were when they opened their very own boxes.

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Because it had been such a hot, long day, we were treated to a stop at the beach to see the sunset over the Pacific.  It was a huge red ball (which doesn’t really show in my pictures but it really was) and I’ll leave you with that picture.  My friend Lee shared some of her pictures from yesterday’s graduation so they are now posted there.



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2 Responses to Costa Rica, Day 5

  1. Mattie Spencer says:

    What a wonderful mission!!!! Love, Mattie

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