Day of Departure!

After breakfast Sat. a.m., we all set out for some last minute errands (except Robert who has one more day), then Francisco took us to the airport to check our bags in and get our boarding passes early. We left the airport until time to pick up Sonia & Francisco’s son, Sebastian, who was coming in from Spain on the plane that would take us home.

Ever since we drove in from the airport two weeks ago, my teammates have been teasing me that I should get a tattoo. This is a huge part of the Rapa Nui culture. There is hardly a person on the island without at least one tattoo and many (especially the men) have most of their bodies covered. One of the main symbols of Rapa Nui is the Maki Maki. I was able to find a pendant and matching earrings of Maki Maki but not a bracelet. So, after we left our bags at the airport, we went to find a tattoo parlour that was open. There were several variables to consider. First, could he do a Maki Maki, how much, and, how long would it take? Well, he could, it was reasonable, and we had time. The premises also looked very hygienic, so I now have a Maki Maki bracelet permanently on my wrist. Lucy & Scott stood by, Lucy taking a series of photos of the process, while Francisco went to the pharmacy to pick up the cream I need for follow-up care. Then, we all went out for ice cream.

Maki Maki tattoo!

Maki Maki tattoo!

I’m now on my flight to Miami. We were delayed an hour (no idea why) and so it’s going to be a bit tight catching my flight to Montreal. I may not get these two notes posted until I get home but I will do it in Miami if I have time. This has been the most amazing adventure anyone could possibly experience — the people we have met, the architectural features we have seen, the scenery, and our efforts to help slow down, if not completely arrest, the erosion and help these people become more self-sufficient — everything has made this a very special experience. My next post will tell you about some of the amazing young people we met who are living life to the extreme and changing their part of the world!

Had time Friday before dinner to take some photos of the Hanga Roa harbourfront.


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