One More Day!

On the Way to Durango!

On the Way to Durango!

Got a late start this morning as my alarm clock battery ran out. (I have a new battery in it now, so all will be well tomorrow.) It was a beautiful day for traveling almost the whole trip. It was hard not to keep driving because I kept wanting to stop right on the highway and take photos. There were some “rest” areas along the route so I did stop just before a tunnel to take a few photos. I especially like the panoramic one. That’s something I really like about my iPhone — setting the option “panoramic” and then “panning” from one side around to the other. I’m improving at keeping the little arrow still on the line while I do it.

Two funny (as in “odd”) things along the trip: 1) in one section of the trip, we were coming down a series of steep and curvy sections and there were signs asking trucks to use low gear and not exceed 25 MPH — then, there were signs saying there were “runaway truck ramps” up ahead; I was glad there were no trucks coming behind me. 2) we had a real downpour for about 10-15 minutes around Del Norte — trucks spraying up sheets of water, etc. — not quite as bad as coming from Kansas; then, just as suddenly, it cleared up.

Entering Durango, it seemed a larger city than I had thought from the map as there was a huge 3-lane section with highway off-ramps and lots of traffic. Then when I actually got into town, it’s not that big and there’s not really much to recommend it other than the train that goes up to the silver mine. Unfortunately, that is expensive and takes a whole day; I can manage neither.

I’m experiencing difficulty with the Internet the last two days. I’m writing this in my notepad so that when I get back online it won’t take me long to get this message into my blog. There are a number of things I’m going to be more careful about when booking places for the route home. I’ve got Santa Fe and Pittsburgh done, but will have 4 more to do by the time I leave Santa Fe. Two of the last three places have been a bit on the gungy side. Now, I’m not the world’s greatest house keeper but I think one at least expects a clean bathroom and a box of Kleenex! One place, I was afraid to leave the room unattended.

Anyway, tomorrow is the BIG DAY FINALLY!! I will wear my Earthwatch T-shirt and am really looking forward to meeting the rest of the team and having our orientation. Looking forward to a fairly easy trip as it isn’t far to Cortez and I don’t need to be there much before 4p.m. May be able to sightsee a bit on the way. Excited to be on the last day of the outgoing road trip!



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