That Toddlin’ Town!

The Write Inn

The Write Inn

Slept fine last night, loaded the car, had breakfast, and was on the Ambassador Bridge by 8 a.m.  No sooner had I paid my toll, when I realized I should be in the other lane going to a different highway!  Ooops!    Had to get off the highway further down, get back on, missed another turn, made a “U” turn, got on the right highway, and everything  was fine from then on.

I gained an hour coming into Chicago, so was all checked in to The Write Inn before 1 p.m.  The parking garage is a few blocks down so walking back I got to see a bit of downtown Oak Park (Chicago suburb). Right opposite my hotel is the Hemmingway Museum and just down the block is the house where he was born.  I don’t know if I’ll have time for them but I’ll do the museum if I can.  With splitting the trip from Dundas in two and gaining an hour, I was able to do the walking tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright homes in Oak Park.  This is where he lived and worked.  Part of the workshop is a gift shop and where they sell tickets to the tours.  You can get a guided tour or rent the headphones and listen to the guide at your own pace.  It’s pretty cool.  I hadn’t realized that the Unity Temple was right here in Oak Park but it is included in the tour.  The homes are all private residences so we only get to view them from the street but seeing them in 3D even just from the outside is quite amazing.  There are 3 Victorian homes that he remodelled on the tour but mostly it is his prairie homes where he got rid of basements and walls and used windows to open up the insides so everything flowed.  They are the truly unique American style of architecture.  I am hoping to get to the Robie house which is in Hyde Park before I leave Chicago behind.

Tonight I went to the Burlington Coat Factory.  It didn’t involve any expressways and the traffic was pretty light, really.  I got a dress jacket, a turquoise shirt and a scarf for fall.  Then I went to a WalMart and got some paper plates and frozen egg rolls for dinner.  The rooms here at the Wright Inn are kind of efficiency suites:  fridge, microwave, coffee maker, and kitchen sink.  The desk clerk said, ” I like your T-shirt — Chicago, eh?”  I said, “Seemed appropriate!”  Oh, there’s a really neat ice cream store in Oak Park.  I’ll have to write down the name or find it from the Internet.  The place has been packed every time I walk by.  They hand out games to the kids and they can play chess or Uno or battleship or whatever while they have their ice cream.   I had a banana-mango smoothie but they serve pie or cake a la mode and a variety of other dairy products and sweets.  Tomorrow I try the El — elevated train — into downtown Chicago and walk the loop.

Pretty muggy here today — 21 felt like 31.  Supposed to be warmer tomorrow.

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Having taught elementary school for more than 25 years and been involved in many amazing technology and curriculum projects, I find I've developed a myriad of interests based on literature I've read and music I've heard. I've followed The Wright Three to Chicago, Ansel Adams to Colorado, The Kon Tiki Expedition to Easter Island, Simon & Garfunkel lyrics to New York City, Frank Lloyd Wright to Fallingwater, Pennsylvania, and have only just begun.
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