Happy Canada Day!

Today is day 4 of my retirement and I think I’m off to a really great start!  There is, of course, some ambiguity since the beginning of retirement is pretty much identical to summer holidays but I know it is retirement because I’m not doing any research or planning for school in September.  Huge difference!

For the past three summers, I haven’t had much opportunity to work in my back yard so it is quite overgrown and the lawn is more weeds than grass.  Although I’ve slept in 3 of the past 4 mornings until 10 a.m., I’ve still managed to get 4 bags of garbage out of my basement, 4 bags of yard waste out of my back yard, continued my long walks through the neighbourhood and T’ai Chi before bed, begun working out in earnest in my basement gym, and have lost 2 more pounds.  Not a bad start.  Since this week is garbage pick-up, I want to make sure I get as much as possible done toward that end as I can before Thu. a.m.  (Pick-up is usually Wed. but Canada Day pushes that back one more day.)

My birthday is in July, so this month I have to get my plate sticker renewed, but also my Clean Air Test, driver’s license, and Ontario Health Card must be renewed as well so there will be a lot of running around and waiting, so I’ll be taking my book, House of Rain, along with me.  I’ll also be adding a page about this book by author Craig Childs to my blog; you won’t want to miss this because Craig is an amazing author writing from his own experiences in the American Southwest Corners.  If you’ve ever been intrigued by the vacant cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde, the rock art images of Comb Ridge, the cave dwellings of Kayenta, or the vast complex of kivas and great houses of Chaco Canyon, you’ll want to follow Craig’s journey through this whole area as he tries to follow the travels of these mysterious people, ancestors of the Pueblo natives of today.  This book is a gem.  Watch for my full review.

Tomorrow when the stores are open again, I’ll be booking appointments and picking up supplies for working in the yard:  more yard bags and a replacement spade for the one I broke today, and possibly the rental of a chain saw to take out a maple tree growing where it shouldn’t and a Boston Ivy I’ve been trying to get rid of almost since I planted it about 10 years ago.  It has to be the most stubborn, most resilient plant known to man.

Later tonight, I’ll watch for fireworks and check the Internet for live streaming of Canada Day celebrations.  In the meantime, I’ll contact family by phone and find out how they’re celebrating Canada Day, at home or on the road!

About mysm2000

Having taught elementary school for more than 25 years and been involved in many amazing technology and curriculum projects, I find I've developed a myriad of interests based on literature I've read and music I've heard. I've followed The Wright Three to Chicago, Ansel Adams to Colorado, The Kon Tiki Expedition to Easter Island, Simon & Garfunkel lyrics to New York City, Frank Lloyd Wright to Fallingwater, Pennsylvania, and have only just begun.
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